Cultural Inmersion

Language is a extremely important part of our everyday experience. When we are learning and we use it in the context, for instance, of a class room, we take it out of reality. Classes are essential to understand some items and basic gramatical/structural rules, or to clarify doubts, but finally, every student has to face the interpersonal communicational situations out of the class, with many diverse actors. We know that a combination of the traditional class explanations adapted to your needs (with specific and didactic modern methods) with the cultural inmersion is the best way to meet your expectations and to improve your language skills and competencies.

The impact of total inmersion is high, and it will demand a lot from you, but it’s also very rewarding, because you will experience fast improving while knowing the culture the language belongs to, and hopefully, making new friends at the same time. Interacting with natives will give you more confidence and language adquisition will go naturally.

Learning by participating and getting involved in different activities and eventually social events will help you to link this situations and the language, and to fix it in your mind.

Living as a Spanish, using the language in all kind of different moments and with different persons, in the everyday life, is the best way to incorporated it as a part of your cultural bagage. And much further than that!!…. It´s also a lot of fun!!

We will take you by the hand in this path. From going to the market to make yoga, visiting friends, assisting to a movie session or to a folk fest, you will be able to live your time with us fully in Spanish. Come and try!!

Experience Cultural Inmersion